Testimonials and Reviews

Mr. Menendez is a professional and dedicated attorney. He helped my husband and I through a difficult lawsuit brought against us by a crazy woman looking for an easy pay day. I was pregnant when we were sued, which made it especially stressful, but Mr. Menendez provided us great legal advice and did everything possible to get our case resolved fast. He was very quick to respond when we needed his help, and never tried to do stuff we didn’t need to do in order to get money out of us. He quickly pointed out all of the wholes in her story and got our case dismissed. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Mr. Menendez again for any legal issues. Highly recommended.

Linh L.
Berkeley, Ca

I have known Mr. Menendez for over 7 years, and never hesitate to refer clients to him for their employment law needs.  I have found him to be diligent, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable. Mr. Menendez goes to bat for each of his clients and is an attorney you want on your side when tackling employment law issues. To have an experienced employment law attorney to help navigate through legal issues is priceless and I am very lucky to have Mr. Menendez on my team.

Serianna J., Esq.
Campbell, Ca

Daniel negotiated an excellent settlement agreement for me when my employment at UCSF ended abruptly after several years due to state budget cuts.  I found him through another SCU School of Law alum.  After our first meeting, I knew that Daniel was experienced in dealing with the complex issues surrounding my termination.  He created an effective case plan and was honest with me about the weaknesses of my case yet savvy enough to call the University on its bluffs.  The lack of a physical office was something to get used to, but Daniel’s fair rates and responsiveness to my countless frantic inquiries made up for it.  I hope I will never need legal help like this again.  But should any problems arise in my career going forward, I am grateful to now have a reliable, well-connected expert in my corner.

Brite L.
San Francisco, Ca

Recently, my father in-law had to address a poorly performing employee in his plumbing business. Thanks to Daniel’s consultation, my father in-law was able to properly end the employment agreement with this employee, without the risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit. The situation seemed simple on the surface, but learning the legal steps required to avoid legal exposure was very enlightening. For any and all employment related scenarios that arise in the future, I plan to be safe and confident in my actions by using Daniel’s legal expertise to plan out my actions. It is easy to see how I risk a significant financial consequence if I don’t.

Ryan M., CPA
San Ramon, Ca

When I was laid off my employer offered me a severance package, with a seven-page agreement attached to it.  Daniel provided a very professional written analysis; detailed, thorough, and clearly written.  His review helped me decide what to do next, and his courtesy and friendliness helped take the sting out of a difficult transition.  I hope I won't be needing further advice of this kind, but if I do I will turn to Daniel Menendez.

John D.
Hollister, Ca